Happy home owners

Dear Bill, Matt, & Lynn,

Andrea and I have now been in our Zach home for a year, and we want to take a moment to thank you for building us such a beautiful, well-built home. Living in our home for one year gives us an appreciation of how nice of a home you delivered to us. We looked at many builders (10+) before we decided to build with Zach Building Company and we now know we made the right decision. Your attention to detail, solid construction practices and ability to work with us throughout the process has produced the striking home we have today. We are also grateful for your quick response time and pleasant service-minded attitude for the few minor details we felt needed attention after being in the house for a year.

We recommend Zach Building Company to anyone interested in building a superior home for their family. Please feel free to have any potential homeowners contact me at (262) 513-9600 if you have any questions or comments.

Happy home owners,

Brandon V. Bergman and Andrea F. Bergman

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dear Bill and Matt,

It is now October and we have been in our Zach home since June 13.

We wanted to tell you that hardly a day goes by that one of us does not make a comment about how much we love the house and how much we love living in it, and how we love this or that feature about it.

People go down Graham Street, either walking or driving, and stop to ask for colors, who did the stone, who built the house, who was the architect, etc. and always to tell us how beautiful our home is.

One of the first things we noticed about the house was the QUIET. The ice cube maker is the only sound we hear.

Here is a list of the things that we LOVE and are special:

  • The quality of everything
  • The plan and room layout (after 17 or 18 meetings with Bill and fine tuning with Matt)
  • The windows
  • The stonework … literally a masterpiece of art!
  • The many things that you did that we did not even know about (such as the humidity control)
  • The address stone
  • The rail (many compliments on that!)
  • Your selection of subcontractors … all willing and eager to do whatever we asked. Good people one and all.
  • The time, caring and YES, patience, that each of you took with us and still do.

All in all, everyone involved went way beyond our expectations. Some people who have gone through the building process say that building was a nightmare. Quite the contrary for us … our experience was, and still is, a wonderful dream. Well, except maybe for you guys nagging us to make choices. Haha – just kidding, we know that was a necessity and appreciated it.

Please know that we value your friendship, and you are both welcome here at any time. And please feel free to use us as a reference. We love to show off our home!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Bernie and Diane

P.S. Please tell Lynn it was a pleasure working with her as well. Her efficiency and professionalism made everything easy and enjoyable!

Thank you all so very much

Dear Matt, Bill, Lynn & all of Zach Home’s very skilled craftsmen,

It was very difficult for us to leave our “Zach” built home on Oconomowoc Lake. For 13 years we enjoyed our perfect home in our piece of paradise!

We made a life-changing decision to buy a condo on Lake Nagawicka. Only because of your expert craftsmanship & patience in remodeling our purchase, we now enjoy our decision to move. We feel very happy and comfortable in our “Zach” remodeled home. Thank you all so very much. God bless!

Shawn & Jerry